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Special Events

Fr. Binh, God Bless--Adios!

Check out the photos from Fr. Binh's huge Farewell Party from Sunday, July 22nd. Many parishioners came by to wish him well and blessings on new adventure and to congratulate him on his 25th Anniversary of his Ordination. All the best to you, Fr. Binh--we will miss you! Our thanks too to D.J. Doan, who took the photos. Hey, D.J., hope you were able to get something to eat!




Thank you, Volunteers!

A deep gratitude to Pat and Roberta Nolan, Chong David, Mary  & Nanding Alo, Carolina Anunciation, Myrna and Jesus Canon, Lita Foster, Erlinda Madayag, Aurora and Ifagani  Elmacem.

After the morning Mass last Friday, they put together a wonderful breakfast for a great score of homeless brothers and sisters – serving 160 hot dogs, 96 Danish/bear claws, 110 cups of coffee, black bean/corn salad, 150 bags of chips, water, fruits, etc. Christ-like hospitality and fun spirit – just great!






Fr. Peterson Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Ordination

Congratulations to Fr. Bill ("Pete") Peterson who celebrated his 50th anniversary of his ordination on July 13! Fr. Pete celebrated Mass at 12:10pm and afterwards, a special reception was held in his honor downstairs. 

As always, our dedicated cadre of volunteers made sure that the reception had all the makings of a celebratory occasion, which it was, of course! The food was scrumptious, the special coffee drinks were amazing, and the company was delightful! And from the looks of it, Fr. Pete enjoyed the great company and the equally delicious food! Congratulations again, Fr. Pete!




Special thanks to D.J. Doan, a friend of Sacred Heart, and a volunteer, and an amazing photographer, who graciously volunteered to take photos of this auspices occasion. Many thanks, D.J.





Mangiamo! Italian Cooking Class with Chef Giorgio Big Success!

Great fun, camaraderie, awesome food and equally terrific wine, and did we mention a fabulous dessert prepared by our own Fr. Denis? 

Giorgio demonstrated just how easy it is to make pasta, so now we're all rushing out to buy a pasta maker!





Maybe word got around that Fr. Denis' famous french toast would be served, or that there would be special lattes, or that there was just going to be plenty of delicious breakfast treats. In any case, the Open House was very well attended! Lots of parishioners from both the 9:00am and 11:00am Masses stopped by to check out the beautifully renovated downstairs facilities, including the St. John Paul II Adoration Chapel, our Fellowship Hall, and our new Agape Hall! Sacred Heart parishioners gave generously to help with the renovations, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Finally, our Open House would not have been possible had it not been for the fantastic group of volunteers led by our own Roberta De Vera Nolan! She got the volunteers and they pitched in on setting up, making sure everyone had lots to eat during the event, and of course, everyone's favorite duty--clean up! So a really, really BIG "THANK YOU" TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS (in no particular order): Chong David, Carol Anunciation, Fr. Denis, Fr. Binh, Tom Wilson, Mary Schneider, Nazario & his family, Michelle Moore, Marlyn and Cynthia Molinos, Pat & Roberta Nolan, Sato Weaver, Lorie & Ernie Pantig, Myrna & Jess Canon, Angie and Erik Miltun, Michael Stein, Sarah Doan, Matt Cooley, and Nic Pak.