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Queen Anne Food Bank

at Sacred Heart


Photo courtesy KOMO TV

(photo courtesy of KOMO 4 TV)


The food bank has started a "Friday Pack Program" so that people have food during the weekend, adding a much needed service for those who would otherwise go hungry on the weekends. This new program caught the attention of KOMO TV, which did a story on the program in February. Check it out the video, or read the story

We also posted a congrats note on our Facebook page.

Congrats to Stephanie, Emily, and an amazing group of volunteers for their efforts in creating this new program, adding to the food bank's regular meal and grocery programs! 




Queen Anne Food Bank provides sack lunches and bags of groceries to those in need, i.e., homeless people, working families who are unable to make ends meet for a variety of reasons. The food bank is directed by a Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the parish pastor as the overseer. Volunteers are needed to pick up, to prepare and distribute foods, and a variety of other activities.

To learn more about the food bank, its programs, and volunteer opportunities, visit