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June 24, 2018

We are told that we are baptized into Jesus’ death and resurrection, and that baptism is necessary for our salvation. But why was Jesus baptized?

Jesus was not baptized in the Jordan River for the same reasons we are baptized today.
Exactly why Jesus received baptism is known to him alone. Your question will be one that goes into the “everything you wanted to ask Jesus when you meet him in heaven” category. But scholars studying this question have reasonable assumptions about why Jesus requested baptism.

When Jesus requested baptism from John, he wanted to demonstrate that he identified with his people’s search for God. Scholars speculate that after years of performing the duties of home and the carpenter’s trade, Jesus had become increasingly conscious of his life’s mission. It was time to seize the moment and begin his ministry. John balked, thinking he should be accepting baptism from Jesus—the long-awaited one. But Jesus prevailed, and a voice from heaven ratified his action. “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17).

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May 27, 2018

Did Jesus know that he was God?

Everyone, Jesus included, has self-knowledge—at least in principle.

For example, even though we know that we are individual human beings, we still find it almost impossible to formulate what that really means. Saint Thomas Aquinas explains that our knowledge of all things is conceptual—we make abstractions, express them in concepts, and think by combining these concepts. But self–knowledge is the one exception—it is intuitive knowledge, not conceptual, and extremely difficult to formulate in concepts.

Did Jesus know that he was God? Yes, intuitively. But if it’s hard for us to express what we somehow sense as our basic humanity, imagine how difficult it would have been for Jesus to express what he profoundly grasped as his divine/human self–identity. His knowledge of his radical selfhood would have been a genuine selfawareness of who he truly was—both God and human—but he wouldn’t have been able to express it in a conceptual way.

Jesus was able to build upon this profound, intuitive self-knowledge. Human beings perceive they are human early in life, but they know even more when they’re forty than when they are twenty. A similar deepening perception took place in Jesus. Through life experiences, Jesus constantly discovered what being divine in human circumstances implied. That’s why Hebrews 5:8 says he “learned obedience through what he suffered.”

How wonderful it is to have Jesus, true God and true human, as our Savior.


From Dear Padre: Questions Catholics Ask, © 2003 Liguori Publications


Fr. Binh's Farewell Party: Sunday, July 22nd

Sacred Heart will be hosting a celebration of Fr. Binh to:

  • Recognize his 25th Anniversary of Ordination
  • Offer Thanksgiving for his years as pastor
  • Offer A Missioning to his next mission

More details will be forthcoming. Watch for details here and in the weekend bulletin.


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